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June 11, 2016

Show 8 – Colleen Clawson from Milque Toast Bar

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If you missed the show you can check it out on the archive player.

The gourmet toast trend that started a few years ago in cities like San Francisco and New York is alive and well in St. Louis at Milque Toast Bar and Colleen Clawson is very happy about that.  It may have had some people scratching their heads when diners were happily ordering up plates of toast for $5 to $10 but these aren’t your ordinary slices of simple bread and butter.  These plates are made up of thick slices of multigrain, rye, and sourdoughs, topped with everything from house made butters, cheeses, and syrups, to savory, hearty items like farm fresh egg salads, liverworts and kraut, crawfish remoulade, and gravlax.  We love bread and this is a very comforting, fun way to enjoy it.  Located at 2212 South Jefferson in the McKinley Heights neighborhood, Milque Toast fits right in with the mix of artists, cultures, and businesses that are helping to revitalize the area.  They try to use as many local ingredients as possible and change their offering regularly.  The menu is made up of a variety of toasts from sweet to savory, simple to exotic, with soups, seasonal veggies, salad, coffee, and a selection of milks and coffees.  They even have house made soft drinks.  Milquetoast may have a definition of a meek, timid, or unassertive person which stems from it’s origin from a 1920’s comic strip character but that doesn’t fit Milque Toast Bar.  The space and flavors are fun and bold with lots going on.

I met Colleen over 10 years ago while she was working at Frazer’s and Venice Cafe.  We had lots of good times hanging in the Benton Park area communing with drinks and friends and conversations about food.  She is fun, quirky, and passionate about what she is doing and I’m excited to talk to her about everything she has going on including her work to help plan this year’s St. Louis World’s Fare Heritage Festival.

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Cut Of Meat Of The Week

This week’s selection is beef shoulder roast.

This is another inexpensive and tough but flavorful cut that is made for slow cooking to tenderize the meat.  It comes from the shoulder region of the cow as it’s name implies.  I love roasts not only for their typical rich, deep flavor, but because of the ease of cooking a roast and the variety of options in doing so.  Just take a look at this link on Pinterest with over a 1,000 ideas!


Spice / Herb Of The Week

This week’s selection is saffron.

Saffron is exotic and is the most expensive spice in the world.  It is the stigma or a crocus flower, requires lots of acreage, and is very labor intensive to harvest.  The flowers are hand picked and each one contains only three stigmas.  Don’t be intimidated by the price as you should be able to find small quantities for around $7 – $10 which will be enough for several meals.  A little goes a long way so if you venture into the use of this spice it would be helpful to read up on how to use it.  If you have had a classic paella you have had saffron.  It can be used in other soups, stews, and sauces and goes well in savory breads too.  I remember when working at Sunset Country Club over 20 years ago the chef used saffron in a brioche dough that was wrapped around a side of salmon with scallop spinach mouse and then baked.  It was rich and heavenly and I crave it to this day.  Here is a great link from The Food Network with various recipes for saffron rice including paella.


Upcoming Events

August 19th – 20th – St. Louis World’s Fare Heritage Festival

August 27th & 28th – Festival Of Nations

September 16th – 18th – Taste Of St. Louis

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