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May 14, 2016

Show 4 – Adam Gnau of Acero


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Italian restaurants in St. Louis are plentiful and run the gamut of styles from those serving the heavily sauced, cheese covered “classics” to those offering more authentic and refined, yet simple dishes focusing on the use of quality ingredients from specific regions of Italy.  Acero at 7266 Manchester Road in Maplewood is one of the later and their Executive Chef is Adam Gnau.  Acero has been one of my got to spots for years and is always on my recommendation list.  I have enjoyed many a great meal there and have some very special memories.  The food is always stellar, the service is attentive and informative, the atmosphere is comfortable fine dining, and nothing is overdone to the point of being intimidating or overly fussy.  I’m also a big fan of their tasting menu options including the $35 four course option or the chef’s seasonal grand tasting menu of seven courses starting at $75.  Don’t let the price tag scare you.  I promise you they are some of the best deals in town and never disappoint.  The grand tasting might not be for everyone but if you want a truly fun, and delicious evening I highly recommend letting Chef Adam and his staff create a dining experience for you that you will never forget.  It’s a type of meal I think any food lover should experience at least once in their life.  It’s an event.  A true sensory delight.

Adam Gnau

Wild Boar


Cut Of Meat Of The Week

Many of us get locked into using the same cuts of meat over and over for our meals. At times because it’s what is readily available or on sale but many times I find it’s because we don’t investigate other cuts and how to use them.  Each week we’ll feature a different cut and give you info on it’s use and recipe suggestions.


This week’s selection is beef short rib.


Spice Of The Week

Every culture uses spices to bring wonderful flavors to their dishes.  The history of the spice trade goes back centuries.  It has been the motivating factor in travel and exploration around the world and even wars.  With so many spices available it can be an overload of choices. What to use and how can be an overwhelming pursuit.  Many of us again just go for what we know and are comfortable with.  Each week we’ll feature a different selection from the rack and go over uses and recipe ideas in a effort to help you break free from the garlic powder and Italian seasoning that you’ve been using in every dish.

fennel Fennel-Seeds

This week’s selection is fennel.  Fennel is very aromatic and flavorful with a mild licorice taste similar to anise.  You can use the leaves, bulb, and seeds in many ways but the main thing that comes to my mind when I think of fennel is Italian sausage which gets it’s distinct flavor and kick from fennel seed.  Here is a recipe for simple Italian sausage from Emeril Lagasse that you can try at home.  Remember if you don’t want to grind your own meat you can purchase fresh ground pork shoulder for use in the recipe.  You also do not have to stuff the sausage into casings.  You can use in bulk for inclusion in a meat sauce, for topping your pizza, or in patties for grilled or pan fried Italian sausage sandwiches.



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