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June 15, 2011

Food Faces & Places

In this section of the blog I hope to show you a glimpse of some of the great people and places I encounter while exploring food in the area or while on the road.  It could be a piece on my latest favorite restaurant.  Maybe I’ll let you know about the places I find cool kitchen gadgets or where I like to shop for select foods.  I may even get the chance to sit down in front of the camera for fun segments with people in the food and beverage scene like Catherine Neville, Publisher and Editor of Feast Magazine, queen of the cupcake bloggers, Cupcake Project creator Stefani Pollack or Hip Hops columnist for the Post Dispatch, Evan Benn.  (Hint, if you three are reading this, first, a huge thank you for your inspiration and second, I’m going to be contacting you!)

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