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July 17, 2011

Will Write For Wine

No this is not the caption on my street corner panhandling sign.  It is the title of a fun event I recently attended for local food bloggers put on by Angela Ortmann.  Angela is a Sommelier who writes for Feast Magazine and is also known as STL Winegirl.  You can read her column and check out her monthly pairings, listen to her weekly picks Sundays at 8 PM on KTRS, hire her for an in home tasting where she’ll even cook or you can check out one of her many fun tasting events around town every month.  What ever your level of wine drinker, Angela puts on fun events and does a great job of passing on info in a way everyone can understand.  The “Tasting 101” was held at the Nebula Coworking space at the corner of Jefferson and Cherokee.  According to their website, they provide space for artists, non-profits, independent contractors, small businesses, and creative professionals looking for a place to build, create, develop, and collaborate… or learn about wine.  And learn we did but most of all we had fun.

Angela had several types of wine for us to try along with some hand outs that included an outline of what we would cover, one on wine terminology and another to jot down our tasting notes.  We went over how to sniff, swirl and taste.  There was talk of what made each wine different, where they came from, what would be a good course to serve each type with and plenty of basic tips on things like storing wine and what types of glasses to use.  There was also plenty of opportunity for questions and the chance to get to know more about each guest all in a very conversational setting.

While I left with a better understanding on the basics of tasting wine, I did not expect to become a Sommelier overnight.  The main reason I went was for a chance to have fun, meet new people and explore a bit more of the local food and beverage scene.  I love the experiential and communal qualities of food and beverage and taking in events like these is a great way to feed that love.  It is a big part of the reason that I started this blog.  I attend these events not only because I want to learn more about food and beverage but because I want to enrich my life.  Now that may sound a bit silly to some but think about it.  Taking an interest in something, getting out in your community and meeting new people.  These things can indeed enrich your life.  I could watch Food Network, read tips on-line or buy a book on the subject and I would learn plenty but it wouldn’t be near as fulfilling.  I wouldn’t get to hear stories about why people like wine or why the blog, or don’t log.  I wouldn’t get to see the expression on their face when they say the smell of a certain wine reminds them of cat pee (yes, that happened).  I wouldn’t get to go enjoy more time and conversation with some of the bloggers afterwards over some amazing tacos at La Vallesana.   I wouldn’t get to look around a table at people of all ages, from all walks of life sharing a common goal.  A goal to have fun, take an interest in something, meet new people and then share our experiences maybe even creating that desire in others.

At the event I got to hang out with some friends I’ve known awhile and have jumped into the blog world together to share what they love about the city.  There was a new friend about to launch her blog with some great “stuff”.  There was a blogging mom, someone who plays music, a vegan, a lover of cheese, someone all about local, someone from a small town, a person that loves to go to concerts, a graphic designer food blogger with a garlic tattoo (I love that tattoo!), a boyfriend just along for the ride, and many more.

I am very happy that by taking a bigger interest in the local food and beverage scene I am getting the chance to meet and get to know these and many more fun, interesting and amazing people.  Over the past few months I have participated in a Food Blogger Bake Sale for Share Our Strength.  I entered an Ice Cream Cupcake Contest.  I’ve attended some amazing dinners and food events, I actually started a blog (something I thought I would never do) and today I’m attending a food blogger pot luck with many of my new food friends (yes, a future post).

Thanks to all of you that have helped enrich my life and I hope that in some small way I can do the same.

I love food!

Jessica and Maddie listen and swirl.




Here is a list of attendees.  Check out their stuff.  You never know what they may show you!



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