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Show 17 – Joel Crespo & Brian Hardesty from Guerrilla Street Food

Tune in live August 27th from 1 – 2pm on 590 The Fan, listen on-line, or download the app.

Gone are the days of the roach coach.  These are not your dad’s food trucks.  Today’s food trucks can be found all around town at hots spots for lunch or late night eats and big food truck events in neighborhoods all over.  You’ll find everything from gourmet grilled cheese, BBQ, gyros, cupcakes, Korean tacos, and Filipino inspired rice bowls.  Some are content with building their empire solely out on the streets while others use that experience to test their concepts and build equity before opening a brick and mortar location.  Joel Crespo and Brian Hardesty are doing both.  They started their Filipino inspired food truck Guerrilla Street Food in 2011 and last year open their store at 3559 Arsenal.  Taking from Joel’s Filipino roots and Brian’s experience as a chef at places like Harvest, Monarch, and most recently Element, the two are turning out delicious porky offerings like Their Flying Pig, whole roasted hogs, and now a once a month brunch menu with a partnership with Cocktails Are Go for special beverages.  They’ll be my first food truck guests and I’m excited to talk to them about their experience and to get tips for my next hog roast.

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Show 16 – STLVegGirl Caryn Dugan

Tune in live August 13th from 1 – 2pm on 590 The Fan, listen on-line, or download the app.

If you missed the show you can check it out on the archive player.

American’s by all accounts are obsessed with meat.  We love steaks, and BBQ, deli meats, and of course bacon.  It is typically the featured attraction of most meals.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 2012, the average American consumed just over 71 pounds of red meat which includes beef, veal, pork and lamb, and about 54 pounds of poultry which includes chicken and turkey.  There is some evidence out there that consuming meat might not be the best for our health not to mention the toll it takes on the environment to produce meat.  In short it’s probably a good idea all around if we eat less of it.  STLVegGirl Caryn Dugan made the switch to being a vegetarian years ago and eventually went full vegan.  I met Caryn a handful of years ago through, you guessed it, last week’s guest STLWineGirl Angie Ortmann.  I’m interested to talk with her about her reasons for going vegan, how she has adapted her lifestyle, and get tips for cooking great meatless food.

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