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Show 10 – John and Mary Bogacki, Billy Oziransky – Yolklore

Tune in live June 25th from 1 – 2pm on 590 The Fan, listen on-line, or download the app.

If you missed the show you can check it out on the archive player.

I love breakfast!  It’s possibly my favorite meal and the one I cook the most.  While I enjoy cooking breakfast at home, going out for breakfast or brunch on the weekends is always something I enjoy a lot.  Pretty soon there will be a new place in Crestwood that has breakfast lovers excited.  Yolklore is  a Chef-inspired fast casual breakfast and brunch spot that will also have custom cake ordering.  It’s the first project from partners John and Mary Bogacki, and Billy Oziransky.  Each started their culinary careers at Forest Park Community College’s Culinary Arts Program and went on to learn their craft through employment experiences that has taken each of them to some great places.  Places like Old Warson Country Club, Ford Hotel Supply, The Bellagio in Vegas, The Four Seasons in Vail and St. Louis, and Pi Pizzeria to name a few.  That experience has each of them poised and ready to take on their new project.  I’m excited to talk with them this week to hear all about their menu and the challenges of opening a brand new restaurant.

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Cut Of Meat Of The Week

This week’s cut is a beef ribeye.

Boneless Ribeye

I don’t typically do a lot of steak but I do enjoy them and really love a good bone in ribeye.  The ribeye comes from the center portion of the loin and is very tender.  There is a good amount of fat marbling with the ribeye as well that adds a nice rich flavor.  This bad body would make for a great steak and eggs plate.  Learning how to cook a steak well is one of those basic cooking methods that should be in any cooks tool bag.  It’s easy to learn and something you’ll be glad you did.  A few basic things to remember is to pull the meat out for at least 15 minutes before cooking, season the meat, use high heat, and time the cooking per side to ensure you cook to desired temperature.  Here is a good article on how to make the perfect ribeye courtesy of Men’s Journal.


Spice / Herb Of The Week

This week’s selection is thyme.


Thyme is another evergreen herb that grows well that can take high heat and also does well through winter.  According to The Spice Encyclopedia thyme has a subtle, dry aroma and a slightly minty flavor.  It is widely used across different cultures from Middle Eastern zither to Cajun and Creole dishes.  Thyme is also a typical component of a bouquet garni, a classic method of tying together a bundle of herbs to use for flavoring stocks, soups, and stews.  Here is a fun post from wikiHow with a few methods for making a bouquet garni.


Upcoming Events

Sunday, July 10th – Southern Fried Chicken Festival – 12n – 5pm at 4 Hands Brewery

August 19th – 20th – St. Louis World’s Fare Heritage Festival

August 27th & 28th – Festival Of Nations

September 16th – 18th – Taste Of St. Louis

Spice Shoppe

Show 9 – Cody Long from Olde Town Spice Shoppe

Tune in live June 18th from 1 – 2pm on 590 The Fan, listen on-line, or download the app.

If you missed the show you can check it out on the archive player.

I love the smell of a spice shop.  When you walk in your mind starts to think of all the different dishes and possibilities.  It can be an overload to your senses.  Learning to season your food as you prepare a dish is one of the most important skills a cook can learn.  It takes time and practice.  A sensitive palate is a huge help too.  The ability to taste as you go and know what you need to add and how much is an art I continue to strive to master.  Branching out from your normal seasoning routine can be tough.  With so many spices and herbs available to us it can be overwhelming when trying to spice up your next dish and you aren’t sure what to try.  One good method is to try preparing different ethnic dishes as it tends to introduce you to ingredients you haven’t tried before.  It’s also a good idea to try as many different types of food as you can when you go out and don’t be shy about asking what seasonings are in the recipe.  Cody Long from Olde Town Spice Shoppe at 334 South Main Street in St. Charles will join us this week to help give us tips on buying, storing, and using spices and herbs.

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Show 8 – Colleen Clawson from Milque Toast Bar

Tune in live June 11th from 1 – 2pm on 590 The Fan, listen on-line, or download the app.

If you missed the show you can check it out on the archive player.

The gourmet toast trend that started a few years ago in cities like San Francisco and New York is alive and well in St. Louis at Milque Toast Bar and Colleen Clawson is very happy about that.  It may have had some people scratching their heads when diners were happily ordering up plates of toast for $5 to $10 but these aren’t your ordinary slices of simple bread and butter.  These plates are made up of thick slices of multigrain, rye, and sourdoughs, topped with everything from house made butters, cheeses, and syrups, to savory, hearty items like farm fresh egg salads, liverworts and kraut, crawfish remoulade, and gravlax.  We love bread and this is a very comforting, fun way to enjoy it.  Located at 2212 South Jefferson in the McKinley Heights neighborhood, Milque Toast fits right in with the mix of artists, cultures, and businesses that are helping to revitalize the area.  They try to use as many local ingredients as possible and change their offering regularly.  The menu is made up of a variety of toasts from sweet to savory, simple to exotic, with soups, seasonal veggies, salad, coffee, and a selection of milks and coffees.  They even have house made soft drinks.  Milquetoast may have a definition of a meek, timid, or unassertive person which stems from it’s origin from a 1920’s comic strip character but that doesn’t fit Milque Toast Bar.  The space and flavors are fun and bold with lots going on.

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Show 7 – Liz Schuster of Tenacious Eats

Tune in live June 4th th from 1 – 2pm on 590 The Fan, listen on-line, or download the app.

If you missed the show you can check it out on the archive player.

Movies and food.  Two things that stimulate our senses and emotions.  Maybe that’s why we like to put them together.  This week’s guest Chef Liz Schuster is doing just that with Tenacious Eats.  Together with her partner Chef Steve Schmidt, Tenacious Eats presents a unique culinary and movie watching experience where guests enjoy a five course meal with drinks themed around the movie they get to watch as the meal is prepared and served.  There is live music beforehand, giveaways, some commentary during the show as to what Chef Liz is cooking, and even surprises along the way.  It’s a true interactive dining experience.  The movies are typically classics that most are familiar with and range from food themed movies like Big Night, romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally, and even horrors like the Vincent Price feature, Theatre of Blood.

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