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Will Write For Wine

No this is not the caption on my street corner panhandling sign.  It is the title of a fun event I recently attended for local food bloggers put on by Angela Ortmann.  Angela is a Sommelier who writes for Feast Magazine and is also known as STL Winegirl.  You can read her column and check out her monthly pairings, listen to her weekly picks Sundays at 8 PM on KTRS, hire her for an in home tasting where she’ll even cook or you can check out one of her many fun tasting events around town every month.  What ever your level of wine drinker, Angela puts on fun events and does a great job of passing on info in a way everyone can understand.   Read more »


Palate Practice

I love food and am always looking to learn more about it.  Food can be intimidating to people at times including me.  You don’t have to be a chef, a “foodie” or an expert of any kind to enjoy great food.  What you do need is to have an open mind, an adventurous palate and the opportunities to use them.  Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.  Get out to that new place everyone is talking about.  Try that bottle of wine or beer that was recommended in the latest food publication.   Read more »